I have one trophy.

I won that trophy when I was on a soccer team in California. We were district champions. I have received other trophies for participation but I threw those away. No one deserves a trophy just for showing up. That’s lame.

trophyAnyway… as cool as my soccer trophy is, and believe me it’s pretty sweet, there is another trophy that I think is cooler.

It’s me.


Yep, you read it correctly. Me. I am a trophy. Now before you think I’m totally conceited, hear me out. God’s word tells me that I am a trophy of His grace. (Read Ephesians 1-2) Because of the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death I have received new life and adoption into God’s family! I am a new son that God loves to show off. He put my picture on His refrigerator. He added my name to His favs. I am a testimony to the goodness and love of my Father, God.

I didn’t have to earn my eternal life in Jesus. He won the victory for me. My trophy resembles my accomplishment, but as a believer in Jesus Christ I resemble God’s accomplishment through His son Jesus Christ. My trophy is special because it’s value is in what I did. It’s the same with God you know. We are valuable to Him because He made us and then bought us with the price of His son’s life. We remind Him of His faithful love and sacrifice. We are precious because He says we are. So we don’t have to get caught up in this wrong thinking of earning His love or working hard to be valuable.

If you have placed your faith in the death of Jesus Christ to save you from sin and death then you are one of His trophies too! Your picture is on the fridge too!

Just like I keep that soccer trophy because it’s special to me God will always keep you and I. He promises that nothing can separate us from His love and life. (Romans 8:38-39) Since we didn’t do any “earning” to become His precious trophy of grace then there’s nothing we can do to “unearn” being a trophy. This is so important. No matter how you feel, what you’ve done, or how your life looks right now, if you are saved in Christ Jesus then you are His prized possession. You will always be His. You’re safe.grace tattoo

This thing is big. You are His trophy. An African Christian is His trophy. A Chinese Christian is His trophy. A Mexican Christian is His trophy. On and on. Us. We. The Church. We make one big glorious trophy of God’s grace! And He wants to display that trophy to the world. He wants them to see His grace.