Being stationary has never been my thing. I’m more like a nomad. I think I’ve moved close to 22 times in my life so far. Several of those moves had to do with my parents missionary vocation. But, many of those moves had to do less with vocation and more to do with vision. If there is one central culture to my family it has always been that we go when God says go. This, after all, is the core commandment of being a disciple of Jesus – GO.

There is a profound statement by Moses in the book of Exodus; “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” Moses didn’t want to move unless God moved first. He didn’t want to go unless God went with Him. But, Moses proved over and over that whenever God said “move” he moved. Moses knew the power and the significance in following God daily. Out of all the men in scripture, I believe the heart of Moses was the most committed to being intertwined with God’s movement. David “got” God’s Love, Solomon “got” God’s Wisdom, but Moses “got” God’s Movement.

No matter how callhard you and I evaluate, educate, and plan we can’t control the future. (James 4:13-15) One of the greatest weaknesses of traditional Christianity is its fascination with organization. While the early church understood the importance of planning, more often they emphasized MOVING. Organizing and educating is not the vehicle of the Gospel. You are the vehicle of the Gospel. In God’s unthinkable plan He has given us the task of taking the message of salvation to everyone. Our story and their story meet God’s story and lives change, transform, and come fully alive! But this mission isn’t carried out purely by education, it is cultivated and created through relationship. The mission is; “go make disciples”. (Matt. 28:19)

The Struggle Is Real

Each of us can struggle with this “stationary” Christianity where staying put in our faith is safe. We don’t want to “move around” from place to place following the mission of Christ let alone leave our city or our country. It’s scary! It’s messy! It’s uncomfortable! We may be willing to “go” but only on our own time, in our own way, to our pre-selected places. How would your life change if you really told God you’d go wherever the gospel was needed? What would it look like in your life to be less stationary with your faith and more mobile?

Changing to a mobile way of faith might radically change things for you. I love this statement I adapted from John MacArthur, “You should never have your roots sunk deeper than the will of God.” Let that hit you like a freight train. Now, ask yourself these two questions: “Where are my “roots” sunk right now?” and, “Are my current roots sunk in God’s will or my will?

Root Problems

Addressing your “root” problems won’t be easy. We often plant roots into things within our lives without noticing their impact on our ability and availability to GO for the gospel. Things in your life will have to die when you pull them out of your life. Roots that need to be pulled up may range from the way you spend your time, to the way you spend your money. It could affect your personal dreams or even fears. But, in order to be a “goer” on Mission, instead of a pampered saint at home, some roots need to be pulled.quote 1

This “Go” gospel mission has 3 stages – my neighborhood, my area, and far off places. Let’s start with your neighborhood. Who is in your neighborhood that you can go to? Will you rearrange your schedule or your finances to be more mobile for your neighbors? Will you have eternal conversations instead of ones about the weather? Will you ask hard questions instead of trying to stay out of their business? Will you engage in their world instead of trying to mold them into yours right away?

Just Move

Moving around the world while I was growing up gave me a valuable perspective on evangelism. It’s anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to go far and you don’t have to be a “professional”. Just go. Be mobile. Be available. Pull up your earthly roots and, instead, find your roots in the will of God. Make it your prayer tonight, “God, I don’t want to go if you’re not there, AND when you move I will move with you.”

It’s not a secret where God is moving. I can guarantee one thing: God is always moving towards those who need the gospel of Jesus. Will you GO with Him?