The hour was late. The dew was starting to settle on the ground around Him. Alone, Jesus laid on the ground in silence. What was there left to say?

He’d known since the beginning of time that this day would come. It was His Father’s plan. It was the only way to fix what man had broken. Since that fateful day in the garden Eden, when Adam and Eve broke oneness with God through their rebellion, the universe felt the burden. Most notably, mankind had lived under a fractured existence. Death came to all men.

Man Of Sorrows
But it wasn’t just the physical death that dealt the deadliest blow to mankind, it was spiritual death. Rebellion against God carried with it the penalty of eternal death. For generations, men had tried to make things right. Always falling short. Only God Himself could undo what GethsemaneFinal2man had done. That was why Jesus had come to earth. He chose to take on the title of “The Great Rescuer”. His mission: rescue. It wasn’t as glamours of a name as it sounded. Sure, riding into the city on a donkey was met with acclaim but now the city treated Him like a curse.

The time was near.

The turbulence in His gut wouldn’t clear yet. Somewhere between compassion and agony was the commitment necessary to complete the mission. It was imperative to go through with it. Arrest. Accusation. Abandonment. Ridicule. Torture. Death. Finished.

Substitute Savior

He was by nature and identity God. And yet, He didn’t consider His position above humiliation and sacrifice. He stepped out of a Heavenly throne-room to be born in an earthly peasant-home. He gave up universal authority for common servanthood. He took on humanity with an empathetic likeness. He embraced everything from our dirt to our death. And, in obedience His death was lifted up before all men on a cross. The death of one for the rescue of many. So God restored Him to all the Heavenly Glory of a conquering King. He will be honored by all nations for rescuing them from eternal death. Men will humble themselves in honor before the eternal King of salvation. (Phil. 2:6-11 paraphrase)

He had waited for this moment since the day he took on human likeness and was born through the virgin Mary. No tomb could hold him back. Three days he waited until His shining moment. Time to burst out of that tomb and prove once and for all that He was no ordinary man on an ordinary mission. He couldn’t contain His large giddy grin. It was a party thousands of years in the making that He wasn’t going to miss. Death conquered. Men set free. Hope for those who needed it. Eternal life for those who by faith would believe!

Phase one of restoration complete. Sin’s penalty paid. Sin’s power shattered!

Eternal Kingking

His death and resurrection was not just a promise kept it was a deposit guaranteed. His work of atoning for our sin exalted Him to His rightful position: King of Kings. He earned our salvation and His rightful kingship. But, before Jesus left this earth and took His rightful place on His Kingly throne in Heaven He made a promise. He promised that He’d come back again and bring full restoration to the universe. Phase two still to come. He promised to right all the wrongs, to take away the presence of sin and pain forever, to finish what He started.

In the meantime, we hold on to hope. To faith. To God. To His Word.

So, why does he wait? He delays for those who have not yet received His kingship and accepted His salvation. He gives us time to turn to Him and find full life by faith. We must not tarry in our work of proclaiming His name. We must tell the world what He is up to.

Everyone needs Jesus.

He’s not done restoring mankind yet and we’ve got work to do. But, someday He’ll be back to make all things new.

Oh, He’ll be back.