All I Want For Christmas Is ___________

I have to admit that pursuing Jesus with consistent admiration over Christmas is not easy for me. I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, so much so that I often sneak a listen way before Thanksgiving even comes around! I love putting up lights and decorating. Every year I try and go to a play, a concert, or a pageant about Christmas. And yet, even in these things Jesus can lose his lead character role in it all.

The Beauty of a Messy Manger

Following Jesus is much the same. It doesn’t always make sense to me but when I listen to God’s purposes and His promises I believe seeing even the most difficult circumstances through as worthwhile. If Joseph hadn’t stuck it out with Marry he would have missed being part of the greatest rescue mission of mankind! Joseph couldn’t predict the future but He could count on the past. He could count on all he knew about God.