All I Want For Christmas Is ___________

I have to admit that pursuing Jesus with consistent admiration over Christmas is not easy for me. I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, so much so that I often sneak a listen way before Thanksgiving even comes around! I love putting up lights and decorating. Every year I try and go to a play, a concert, or a pageant about Christmas. And yet, even in these things Jesus can lose his lead character role in it all.

Leaving Jesus

I have noticed though that, whether it's a lake or a river, there is no such thing as sitting still. If you aren't paddling you will eventually drift somewhere. Why would people drift away from Jesus? Whatever the reason, it's happening. Many young people who grew up in the church and have once professed their faith in Jesus have since given up on Church. The irony is though that...

No More Band-Aids

God is after so much more than just cleansing your behavior. He wants to transform your heart. And the reality of scripture is that just asking for forgiveness after every time you sin isn’t transforming you. Like my little girl who goes right back to running around outside after she gets her bandaid you and I often just go right back to those situations, attitudes, or decisions that get us into sin.

Run Forrest, Run!

Competitors never stop running. I know a few competitive long distance runners. Everything about their life feeds into that purpose. They eat, sleep, train, and live to be the best they can. It's a commitment to excel. Do you have a commitment to excel in your life as a Christian? Running with Jesus takes commitment and sacrifice. You can't just run one lap a week on Sundays. Jesus is calling you to run each day at your school, your team, your work, even at your home.