The Interrupting God

My 2-year-old Emma's favorite joke right now is; "Knock, Knock". I reply, "Who's there?". "Interrupting cow," she says. "Interrupting co..."Moooooo!" Before you can finish your statement you are interrupted. That's the joke. I've been wondering lately if this is God's favorite joke too. Up until recently, I was living out my version of a long-term plan. Then God said, "Moooooo-ve." … Continue reading The Interrupting God

All I Want For Christmas Is ___________

I have to admit that pursuing Jesus with consistent admiration over Christmas is not easy for me. I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, so much so that I often sneak a listen way before Thanksgiving even comes around! I love putting up lights and decorating. Every year I try and go to a play, a concert, or a pageant about Christmas. And yet, even in these things Jesus can lose his lead character role in it all.

Run Forrest, Run!

Competitors never stop running. I know a few competitive long distance runners. Everything about their life feeds into that purpose. They eat, sleep, train, and live to be the best they can. It's a commitment to excel. Do you have a commitment to excel in your life as a Christian? Running with Jesus takes commitment and sacrifice. You can't just run one lap a week on Sundays. Jesus is calling you to run each day at your school, your team, your work, even at your home.